Sculptra - Side Effect? Swollen Under Eye

I went back to my same doc who has performed lips...

i went back to my same doc who has performed lips and botox and frown line fillers on me 4x before. I have never had any side effects or complications. as a gift, he offered sculptra in my cheek areas to help "balance out my face".

He did my right side apple of my cheek area, and there was no side effects - no swelling or bruising. then he started my left and all was ok. went back to the right to finish up a bit higher. then to my left to finish up a bit higher on my cheek and i could immediately start to feel my left under eye start to swell and saw the look on the assistant's face. i have large eyes and some puffyness already under my eyes that are heredity ( i am 36). he told me that this sometimes happens, he gave me a few pills for swelling and i applied ice all night.

its now been about 15 hours since the procedure and the left eye is still swollen underneathe. if this is just a side effect and will go away in a few hours or a day, i can live with this. my fear is (1) he broke a blood vessel, and my under eye is filled with blood - however, i assume there would be brusing around the area similar to a black eye or (2) some of sculptra got injected up into that part of my eye and now made it puffy and this is permanent.

other than the puffy eye, no cons; it was offered for free by my doc and before i really had a chance to turn it down, it was over. spent 1200$ overall but the sculptra was free.

PLease help.....
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other than this one procedure i have always had a good experience with him

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Good luck with that. Nothing is ever "free". Look at the adverse events reported to the FDA on this product. Look at the published literature there is a 20% - 50% nodule formation rate, some with and some without inflammation. The "new" study that got this stuff approved by the FDA was manufacturer sponsored and participating physicians had additional incentive to be extra informed about the product and the procedure. The average board certified FACS PS or derm, does not fall into that group. This is a very bad product for immunocompetent and may be also bad for some immunosuppressed people.
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Lacey, Thanks for your upfront post about the downtime with Sculptura. I "lost" 10 days of vacation this year for Permalips--not sure if I want to lose more vacation time to start Sculptura.
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I was swelled and black and blue for a full 7 days after each session (I had 3 sessions). Even with ice every day, no change. But I'm so happy now with my results it was worth all the down time for sure!!!
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