Swollen Nose and Face 4 Weeks After Nasolabial Folds Treatment

I had the radiesse 4 weeks ago for naso labial...

I had the radiesse 4 weeks ago for naso labial wrinkles. Wrinkles were not that deep and radiesse did only minor improvements. One side was more improved than the other. Doctor recommended doing a second syringe to even things out but cost may be prohibitive.

Hello, I had radiesse injected into the nasal labial folds on my face about 4 weeks ago. I initially had some bruising and swelling but that went away after a few days and everything was normal. However now, a month after the procedure I woke up with a red and swollen nose and now the right side of my face under my eye is also swollen. I went to a insta care center and the doctor said it could be impetigo or cellulitis. I forgot to mention to the doctor that I had radiesse a month ago so now I'm wondering if my issues could be realted to the radiesse? Would radiesse cause an infection 4 weeks after treatment if no infection occured at the time of injection?
Sona as I told u I have been going through for 6 almost 7 months and givien just Meds that didn't help at all . Please make sure u demand an answer now don't wait as I was believing each and every day that will go away and still this day is very much just as same in fact worse and no help. I was told that no one heard of my symptoms but I have seen here lots and just collecting all the info . Wish u good luck I pray u get better
Thank you . I hope u feel better too . Can u post a pic ?
Plead update what u did ?bwas it an infection after all? Did it go away? I'm in kind of the same situation and extremely worried!
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