Not Worth It for Skin Texture and Tone. Should Have Gotten a Chemical Peel - New York City, NY

I paid $1000 for ten microdermabrasion treatments....

I paid $1000 for ten microdermabrasion treatments. It left my skin irritated but did nothing improve the texture or tone of my skin.

They suggested that I get more treatments but why bother if ten treatments did nothing why waste more money. Save yourself money, you can get better results with an exfoliating facial scrub. Or better yet go to a dermatologist and get a professional chemical peel. Thats what I intend to do.

I feel the same way. I spent 600.00 for 5 treatments and had a paid 75.00 for a complimentary one so a total of 6. I did not see a difference after 4 treatments. I feel to you can get the same results from a drugstore dermobrasion kit.
I signed up just to comment here. Wow! I can't believe you paid $1000 for ten treatments (crazy) when I paid $220 for 5 treatments. I see that you chose to go to American laser center and I went there once for hair removal and yes they are a HUGE ripoff! I found they were charging 3 to 4x as much as competition. Never again. But I did have results with my treatment... I think ALC uses too low of a setting or dosage maybe in hope people coming. Don't give up go to another place.
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American Laser Center

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