Liposution of the Flanks and Abdominoplasty: Seroma Post Operative

Pros: flat and sexy tummy, fewer stretch marks...

Pros: flat and sexy tummy, fewer stretch marks improved selfesteem.

Cons: pain,seroma, having to get stucked by needles repeatedly, scaring walking hunched over to prevent dehiscence and raised scarring.

I had liposution of the flanks and abdominoplasty 2 weeks ago,after 10days, my surgeon informed me that i had a seroma right in the middle area under my breast.I had 2 jps and she removed one after 6 days,could my seroma be a result of removing the jp too fast? she aspirated 7 mls of fluid, the swelling went down a bit and 2days later she tried again but there was none, but still have a little bulge. What can i do to help get the fluid reabsorbed faster?
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She was very knowlegeable, very patient with my questions explained all possible outcomes and side effects.

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Hey I was wondering if you could provide the name of your doctor. I am looking for a doc here in the NY area.
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I meant you look swollen in the post-op picture. Sorry for getting it mixed up. Your scar is placed well. It's about the same place as mine. I have a feeling that once all the swelling goes down you're going to look great. Plus, you were able to get rid of most of the stretch marks from the surgery. You are going to be bikini ready!
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Also, you still appear to be very swollen in the pre-op picture. How are you coming along now?
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It's crazy because I have the same lump underneath my breast plate. I had my TT surgery November 5th. At first, the lump was rock hard and protruding. Now it's softer but it's still there and makes my stomach look weird. Did u get the needle injected in that area? I had a seroma as well but it was on the lower left side. The doctor told me the lump in the middle is normal. What did your doctor tell you?
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I think you look awesome!! Scar placement is excellent...Once the swelling goes down and the seroma is resolved you will be head over heals about your transformation.
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