Hit My Nose 3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty!

Pros: Better breathing from the septoplasty, more...

Pros: Better breathing from the septoplasty, more symmetrical and straighter nose, overall more proportioned facial features.

Doctor was amazing! I had mild bruising post op and normal swelling.

Cons: Limited activity post op, can't be in the sun for a while, mild acne from the cast.

I recently had a rhinoplasty / septoplasty (3 weeks ago). Earlier this evening, I was playing with my dog and he jumped up and hit me in the nose! I had some pain for about ten minutes following the incident--which now went away-- but it is swelling up and it feels more tender/sensitive. Should I be concerned? Did I affect the way my nose will ultimately turn out?
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you went to a dentist for a nose job????
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WHO was ur doctor?? I'm looking for a great Dr. for around the same budget! Thank you!!
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may I ask who your Dr. was? I'm looking for great surgeon
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There is always a risk of unfavorable disruption to your rhinoplasty results from your injury this soon after your surgery. Hopefully, the swelling you describe is generalized edema after a forceful bump. If your overall alignment and tip still look good, you'll likely be fine. It's best to continue regular follow ups with your surgeon to make sure everything continues to heal as expected.
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