Fat Transfer ,upper Blefaroplasty , Under Eyes Chemical Peel - New York, NY

I haven't had it yet but I'm very excited and...

I haven't had it yet but I'm very excited and can't wait
for it to happen.
I'll keep you posted afterwards
Please read the whole review of my consultation with Dr Jafri because you are like me
you need to have a connection and feel confident about going through with having your face done and living with your decision......
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I've seen several doctors and couldn't decide on which one and what to do.....until I met Dr Kamran Jafri. I felt very confortable and at ease with him. He took me to his office first and started chatting .His nurse was present the entire time. He asked me practical and pointed questions about my general health....and I knew right way I had the right Surgeon for me.He was kind and upfront and took a conservative approach on the things I wanted done.I felt I could trust him. I can't wait to get started . If you want an honest oppinion from someone you can trust I recommend a consultation with Dr Jafri. He is a good barometer of what a good doctor should be.. I'll will keep you posted after the procedures and I could possibly put up a before and after picture of the rejuvenation that took place.

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I'm going to PM you, Vivian.

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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

How are you doing now it's been a couple of months post-op? Are you all healed and seeing results?

We'd love to have an update to your review!

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I have not done anything yet...I will post as soon as I have any procedure. BTW Kirsty would it be possible for you to edit a review I gave to Dr Kamran Jefri regarding his fees. The price quoted was a combination of procedures and I gave it a very high price thinking I may be helping him . The doctor then asked a while ago if I could change it. I've try to reach out to many of you at Realself with no response. Please tell if it's possible to either change it or remove it and I'll will rewrite it with the right amount
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Have you set a date yet, for your procedure?

Of course, yes. How much was the actual procedure and I will change it over for you?

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I can't find the comment where the amount of $15k was posted. His fees for fat transfer are $2000-3000 Thanks for you help
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At the top of your review, you state the cost as $15,000. Is this the amount you need changed?

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Exactly!!!! but can you tell me where is the review located? I can't find it. Thank you very much for taking care of this for me and Dr Jafri
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