Is my Chin Implant Incorrectly Placed or the Wrong Size?

I had a chin implant 3 weeks ago. The edges of the...

I had a chin implant 3 weeks ago. The edges of the implant are very prominent. Not only can I can feel a dint in my jaw, a lump is visible on both sides. Has it been placed incorrectly? Also when I smile my bottom lip does not seem able to move downward to allow my top teeth to show any more, instead it spreads horizontally which looks very strange. Will this loosen up or is the implant too high? Thank you.

I wanted rhinoplasty, which I am very happy with, but to balance out my profile I decided to also have a chin implant. I am very concerned about the result of the implant.

Hiya thats really interesting as i had the same problems with my chin implant, when i first had it - it looked really prominant with dents either side, i thought it was way to big, to make matters worse i got an infection in it too after a week. I have had it a year now and it has improved in shape however like you said my bottom lip has changed shape too. Did you decide to have yours removed or a smaller one fitted in the end?
The lower edge of your chin implant should be 'in-line' with the lower front edge of your natural chin bone. If the implant is sitting too high you may feel a ridge of chin bone below the implant. If the implant is too big, in the sense of its 'height' (as opposed to width or projection), then it may extend too high into the crease below your lower lip(even if its lower edge is sitting correctly). If this is the case, then your lip may be prevented from moving down when smiling, and instead be flattened along the implant giving the appearance you describe. The 'wings' of the implant are usually tapered so that they blend with the chin bone, and these too should lie along the lower front edge of the chin bone and not be readily palpable (feelable). It does sound like the implant is sitting too high. Did your surgeon reattach the mentalis muscle? The mentalis muscle covers your chin, and plays a big role in lower lip/chin support and movement. The muscle attaches to the chin bone in two places in the crease below your lower lip. These attachments are sometimes severed when the incision is made through the inside lip and down over the chin. Its important that the mentalis muscle be accurately reattached during surgery. This not only ensures correct lower lip/chin form and function, but forms a firm tissue bolster which prevents the implant from shifting upwards. The mentalis muscle has a complex and delicate architecture, which must be preserved during surgery to this region. Make sure your surgeon knows all about this and if he doesn't then don't hesitate to get a second opinion from a surgeon who specialises in chin surgery.

Question: Is my chin implant incorrectly placed or the wrong size.

Answer: In your case, as important as chin size and appropriate symmetrical placement, is the type of implant and the method of placement. It is possible that, within the first few months of placement, there may be reduced movement of your lower lip until the subcutaneous tissues have appropriately healed and swelling has reduced. Nevertheless, if you’re findings persist and if the edges of the implant continue to be palpable, I would recommend having the implant removed. Chin implant removal is very easily accomplished.

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I am happy with the result of the rhinoplasty but the chin augmentation has a number problems, all of which my surgeon has refused to acknowledge.

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