Burst Blood Vessel After Rhinoplasty

Overall i am happy with my rhinoplasty result;...

Overall i am happy with my rhinoplasty result; except for the redness that is caused by a burst blood vessel after surgery. I'm here to seek advice

I had a Rhinoplasty four years ago but after surgery i think a blood vessels bursted and appear as tiny red spots on the surface of the skin. Can that be repaired with vascular laser therapy?


Did you get your work done in the tri state area? Do you have any info on the doctor? I'm lookin for a doc in NYC with realistic results n prices write me back n let me know thnks !
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Yes, vascular lasers; KTP for example, or hyfrecation which is dramatically simpler may eliminate many of these vessels. It may take more than one treatment session
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Thank you doctors for your advices. At first, when i asked my plastic surgeon about the situation he said he had no clue what caused the redness. I want to make sure i find someone reliable now to fix this issue. Do you have any recommendations of dermatologist or plastic surgeon in the New York area?
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