Breast Implant Infection - Doctor Wants Them Removed ASAP

My doctor was great but i am very upset about...

My doctor was great but i am very upset about getting an infection as I thought it was very rare to get this complication. My doctor was very thorough and had tons of experience.

I just found out that I have an infection in my left breast 5 weeks after my breast implants were put in. My doctor wants to take out my implants asap. I have two questions: 1) should i just take out the implant that is infected? or take out both? i most likely will try to put them back in but not sure if I can handle walking around for 4-6 months with being lop-sided. 2) what is the standard on payment in this situation? will my doctor charge me full price again if I try to put them back in in 4-6 months? Thank you so much for your advice.
Hi. So sorry to hear about your infection, did you follow the antibiotics post op etc? Do you mind sharing the doctor's name since I see you had the procedure in NYC as well?
The same thing is happening to me right now ! Will be having my right breast remove due to an infection tomorrow morning. I started to feel like I was catching the flu, and my breast started to hurt around the same time. The night before while playing air hockey i slammed my right breast into the table but it didn't hurt but apparently i did more damage than I thought. Can't believe this is happening, I'm also embarrass to have one boob for 3 months or how ever long it takes for the infection to heal !! I feel your pain girl =) Will be ok !!
Reply Again.I chose to have both mine removed because of infection.It would have driven me nuts to have one big boob and nothing on the other side.I ordered these neat breast implant sizers.I ordered a 650 cc sizer set and a 700 cc sizer set.They sent a nice sports bra with the sizers so you can wear them everyday.They are lightweight and feel real.(FEEL LIKE EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT BEAN BAGS)They move and look like real breast inside your can go on line and look up (PURLZ BREAST SIZING SYSTEM).They have all the cc's breast sizes. HOPE this helps while you are healing.People can be cruel sometimes and this helped me avoid people knowing, asking questions,and saying hurtful things.Just take one day at a time.Things will work out.
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