371cc Silicone Unders, Periaerola Incision

I started out with very small A cup breasts. They...

I started out with very small A cup breasts. They were slightly sagging after having my daughter. I was very unhappy so decided on a breast implants.

I received 371cc Silicone unders, periaerola incision. I'm only one month out but my breasts already look great. They are dropping & getting softer by the day. Incisions are barely noticeable.

I’m very happy with my Dr. He has excellent bedside manner, he’s a great listener and gave me the exact size I was hoping for. I am now a C cup. I am very happy with my results.

New York Plastic Surgeon

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im actually living in ireland!lol he said that he would not have enough skin to cover them if i went any bigger as im only 5'5 and a size 6. i said it to my nurse and she that he was just lowering my expectations just incase. i have my pre op consultation next week so ill let you know what he says then... hopefully i will be able to go to maybe a c! thank you for your comments :)
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I am having the same issue in North carolina.I just want the size I ask for without having to beg for it.I don't get it.
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That sounds strange. I have never heard of anyone that could only go up one cup size. Especially starting at an A cup. Why is your ps saying this is an issue? Size was never an problem for me & my doctor I could have gone to a DD or larger if I wanted to. I just wanted to be proportionate to my body. I'm 5'7 125lbs, started at an 34A now I'm a 34C. I used the rice test at home which helped but my dr has a 3D imaging machine that takes a picture & enhances your actual breasts so you can be sure you get the size you want. I would def get a second opinion. You don't want to be unhappy after your surgery. I can't say enough about my doctor, if your in the NY/NJ area I would give him a try. Goodluck!
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I am considering breast augmentation in NY and am wondering who the doctor was that performed your surgery and if you have any pictures that you would be willing to share. I have never done this before. I am nervous and researching as much as possible. Respectfully, Tricia WestIslip, NY
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Hi Tricia sorry I just saw your post. His name is {edited}, he has an office in Manhattan & Staten Island. I can send you pictures send me your email.

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hi my ba is booked for the 24th of april.. im a size 32a but he said the biggest he could get me to is a b!! did u have any trouble with gettin to ur size?
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