Affirm for Acne - So Far So Good

I was suffering from acne over the past 3-4 years....

I was suffering from acne over the past 3-4 years. Since August I started getting TCA peels (3 total) which have played a big role in reducing my acne (in addition to DIET!), but once I started the Affirm I saw the biggest changes occur.

I've had a series of 3 treatments over the last 2 months, the last being today. My skin is extremely sensitive, so my esthetician, broke my session (2 passes wi the laser per session) into 2 appointments (I'd do 1 and then come back in a 3-4 days for the 2nd pass). My skin's texture has improved significantly, plumped up and I have had zero breakouts and no acne cysts since starting it. I do have acne scars on my cheeks from old breakouts, but they are gradually fading and softening enough that just a brush over of mineral makeup makes them almost invisible. I really can't wait to see what will result in the next 6 months as the collagen continues to build.

Overall I'm really happy with the results -- there were times that I was close to having a breakdown because my skin wouldn't stop breaking out and it seemed like the scars were getting worse and worse.

The biggest downside is that this is pricey, so it really feels like you're taking a leap of faith. But I'd say invest in at least 3 sessions, and you'll be happy with the results. ALSO, it's extremmmmmeeeely important to go to a professional who knows how to handle this laser! The procedure can be very uncomfortable, but never painful!


AnnaKarina, where did you go for your sessions, and did you continue to see results with your acne scars? I'm in NYC and am looking into Affirm.
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Are you still experiencing good results from the Affirm laser?
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After my Affirm treatments my oil glands quit working all together and now my skin is crepey and dry. It is hideous and it hurts all the time. This occured a year and a half after my last treatment so I suggest that you watch your skin for any odd changes. These procedures cause blood vessel and tissue damage which does not always come to the surface right may take months or even years. Read up on some of the negative stories on here, they are true.......don't think it won't happen to you cause it can.
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