Still Deciding if Active/Deep Fx Was Worth It - New York, NY

Late 30's male, had Active/Deep Fx treatment...

Late 30's male, had Active/Deep Fx treatment to my face 10 days ago. At first, everything seemed good- dead skin was coming off, new skin underneath looked incredible. But some skin came off too fast, leaving red patches. Also, now that swelling is completely gone, i see old indents and fine wrinkles on my face that initially seemed to have been removed.

I was out with general anest. so there was no pain for me. Afterwards for a few hours, did have mild burning sensation. THere was perpetual itching for the first few days. A few things to remember: is you have any tendency to break out, use Acquafor, NOT Vaseline post-treatment, and ask your doctor if you should do a short course of antibiotics before treatment.

I believe i am still in the healing process, so i cannot say right now if i am satisfied or not. In a few weeks, i'll update my review.

I am late 30's male. Had Active and Deep Fx treatment full face 10 days ago. Two problems developed: 1) some of the dead skin came off too quickly, leaving deep red patches- this is mostly around jawline. 2) 3 days after the treatment, developed little clusters of tiny pustules that left behind streaks of dried blood right under surface of skin. Is there anything to do about this?

Update: 1/28/11 One year later, and for me NOT...

Update: 1/28/11
One year later, and for me NOT GOOD. Oh what a big mistake. If i could go back one year, i would NEVER EVER EVER have done this. The scars are all still on the face, and now there is a mask of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation basically all over my face. The distress this has caused is unbearable. I asked the doctor before we did this if there was the possibility i could wind up looking worse- he said NO WAY. He was wrong.

I just can't even believe how awful this turned out for me. I hope others have had a better experience, i really do.

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You're not alone. If you need some support check out the ipl damage and support forum.
I'm sorry, something doesn't seem right with what's going on. Im originally from nyc and got ipl, biggest mistake ever. Now I'm here hoping people see the pros and the cons to make a more informed decision.
thanks for sharing,
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Hi, would you like to tell us who is your doctor? I tried to look for a doctor to do fractional co2 laser, but need to pick one carefully. Thanks.
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Thank you both so much for commenting, have been depressed and frustrated but your input helps me "see the light....". Have been using cortisone, have seen some of the redness and broken blood vessels fading- can't even tell yet if the surgery "worked" because the redness and blood stains were so overwhelming. I'm looking forward to what you're talking about Joe! Can't wait!
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How are you doing now? I just had it 6 days ago and I'm disappointed that the brown spots are still there. I understand that it takes a while for collagen build up for the wrinkles, but I'd thought the brown spots would've been obliterated immediately.
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The new collagen really starts showing up after the initial swelling goes down. Some wrinkles reappear until the collagen builds. At 2 months out I am amazed how full my face has become. I got great results so far and my doc went extremely high on the settings for both treatments. I am just a bit pink at 2 months and the collagen building continues. All the bad burn marks from the deepfx are long gone. Use a very strong sunblock (a must) or the skin will pigment.
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My doctor told me at my day 7 check up that I would see some redness for up to a month, and that when the swelling goes down it will seem that my lines and wrinkles are coming back but once the new collagen kicks in it will smooth out again.So we'll see. I'm at day 13 and still red, I'm back to work so I am wearing make up and I don't look normal, my face looks like a tanning bed disaster or an over zealous spray tan job. Finially stopped itching 2 days ago. That was so hard. I tried Benadryl and Cortizone Cream to get me through it. Do have some scratches but they are healing.
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