need help to find a good dr in ny capital area! - New York, NY

Hi!! I've been going around this site for some...


I've been going around this site for some quite long time so I kinda feel like I know everybody already ;)

I live in NY capital district area and I've been searching for a Dr to make a TT, back lipo, butt implant and fat grafting, but all the doctors that I researched are too "conservatives". I am hispanic and we love the tiny waist,big hips and the big shelf back there and right now, all these doctors from where I live.... I would not give them a dime! Sorry folks!

I want results like Dr. Pantojas, Yili, etc...Does anybody knows a good surgeon that is not that conservative in NY? Please!! I really, really want to get this done and over with! I want my big butt, my tiny waist and my big hips!!

Thanks in advance....

Yes! and some wish pictures!!
Dr Cortes hands down. people travel from all over to see him.I traveled from Virginia
I know dr. Senderoff is the top number 1 surgeon for butt implants. He has certificates. I'm going to him. Schedule a consultation with him. He's located in Manhattan and has a website. He did some celebrities but can't say who...lolll

I'm glad you started your review and "officially" joined the community. :) Looking forward to hearing if you find someone who you think can give you the results you are after in your area - keep us posted on who you are considering!

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