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Brown/Black Marks on Skin Immediately Following 30% TCA Peel - Is This Normal (Pics Uploaded)?

I am not finished with the treatment so unable to...

I am not finished with the treatment so unable to offer any pros/cons at this time. I did the procedure to remove old acne marks on my face.

I applied a 30% TCA Peel at home about 24 hours...

I applied a 30% TCA Peel at home about 24 hours ago and have dark spots on my face, but wonder if the severity of the marks are normal. I am concerned because the marks appeared almost immediately after frosting and none of my skin is currently peeling yet (I wasn't expecting any skin discoloration so soon). I am afraid that this might be hyper-pigmentation, and be permanent, and would really like someone to offer an educated and informed opinion. I have been applying emu oil, copper serum and triple antibiotic ointment to assist with the healing. Hopefully the discolored areas will peel off, but I'm not too sure. Any advice would be helpful.
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Which brand name peel did you use?
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Are you brown spots gone? I'm assuming they will be. I had a 20% TCA and turned brown that same day. It's just the skin that was burnt that you're seeing. I should've started peeling on the 4-6th day.
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I have the same problem, but was told not to use a neutralizer, as TCA is self-neutralizing! Should I be using it? Thanks
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My 30% peel frosted too and left brownish red marks. I used the neutralizer immediately after the frosting appeared but the brownish marks still stayed. I too was afraid that these would be permanent but the peeling started 4-5 days after and now, 7 days after, the marks are all gone.
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I have never did a home chemical peel. Went to Lady Dee's in Beverly Hills, CA, they black owned and great with black skintones. My skin darken at first but I use Nirvana ointment and AKTA after the first 3 days while the peel is underway.
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