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Physical discomfort and also for cosmetic reasons

Physical discomfort and also for cosmetic reasons

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I was referred to Dr. Engler through my physician. I had some excess breast tissue on one side, called axillary breast tissue, that was both unsightly and, during my menstrual cycles, painful. I wanted to have that tissue removed and was extremely nervous about the procedure. When I met Dr. Engler he immediately put me at ease with his warm and friendly demeanor. He explained the procedure in great detail and addressed all of my concerns. The procedure went well and, as promised, I experienced a smooth and easy recovery. Naturally, I had some concerns during the recovery, including discomfort and the contour of the final result. He never once made me feel as if I was complaining or being overly sensitive. He was kind, gracious, and generous with his time. The result is, in fact, excellent. His staff is wonderful and always makes me feel welcome. They remember me immediately and ask how I am. It's rare to find such a personable and caring staff. I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Engler for his fine work and integrity.

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Glad you are so happy with your results!
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