Breast Implants - Post Surgery Discomfort

I had my surgery two days ago and I feel great! ...

I had my surgery two days ago and I feel great! My only discomfort is the tightness of my surgical bra. I really want to open it for just a few minutes to air out. Is this harmful?

my dr wants me to wear a very tight bra (its been two days since surgery) and I find that the worst part. Can I open the bra and let my breasts relax for a couple of minutes.


I also like d. Tricia live in ny and want a ba I have two apt on 79th street in manhattan is it possible for u to give me there info as well. I got a quote in florida for 4500 I said if I can find one here for 6500 or less then I would do it here in the city but if its 8000 I would go to florida where my friend went
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I am beginning research on my breast augmentation. Would you advise me on who you used as I dont have much experience and want to use the best care possible. I also live in New York and am considering doing the surgery in Manhattan. Respectfully, Tricia West Islip, NY
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Tempted to say 'yes'. But I'm also assuming you're the one who put the bra on to begin with...? If your surgeon put it on you, you might want to hold off until the post-op exam. The discomfort you're feeling might be more to do with the new implants and less to do with the bra.
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Name not provided

I believe he did a wonderful job and I feel great after only two days

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