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I had my first BA three years ago, 225 saline...

I had my first BA three years ago, 225 saline unders. Hated them, DD, too big and cold. Downsized, switched to 158 silicone and lift with same PS one year later. Still hated them, very full D cup, very uncomfortable and disliked the restrictions on physical activities; felt they made me look heavy.

After two surgeries disgusted that my PS never told me that I couldn't get breast shape result I wanted. He refused to consider removing the implants. I had to find another PS I trusted to take them out and ended up paying a sizeable sum. However, I am ecstatic that they're out and I have my original B cups back, so grateful to this second PS for telling me the truth and doing such a good job "fixing" the mistake I made in getting implants to begin with.

The cost was all-in including the surgical...

The cost was all-in including the surgical consults, surgery, the ambulatory surgery facility and anesthesiology fees.
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Hi Mollypuddy, congratulations on your explant and so glad to hear you are happy. Yes, any surgery is quite expensive and it is wiser to pay more to have the job done right!
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Wow. I can't imagine paying all that money just to
have them out.
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What kind of an idiotic comment is that? You obviously have no idea how much elective plastic surgery with a high quality surgeon at a full service facility in NYC costs.
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That price is actually pretty normal, and if you're unhappy with your implants (as mollypuddy clearly was) I imagine it's well worth it.

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$10k is crazy, especially with more reasonable surgeons out there. More expensive doesn't mean better :O(
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19 years ago I paid 5k for my saline implants AND a nose job. My surgeon said "hey, since we'll be in the neighborhood and you'll be under anesthesia, I can tuck here and lift there." I gave him the green light and got it all done for $5,000 with anesthesia and the works. You may say that it was almost 20 years ago. Yup, it was. But at that same time, around 7 or 8 of my friends had gotten breast implants, so I wanted them too. They had paid between 10-17k for theirs, double and triple what I did. I'm a fashion designer and I know price is not indicative of quality so I did my homework. I did mine for far less than my friends and in a posh neighborhood of Bayside, Queens in NY. And guess what, mine looked 100 times better than my friends'. S ome of them really looked downright HORRIBLE with two rocks on their chest. I got compliments every where I went for mine and they looked way more natural and 'expensively' done, while most of my friends looked like they had had the year-end special sale at Walmart today. Some of my friends develop problems and a few eventually had to have them removed and redone and for a couple, the stories were very sad. I, on the other hand, never had a problem with mine and was very happy with the job itself. They were the wrong decision for me for other reasons, but the results I got for my money were absolutely excellent. I'm a New Yorker and it is very hard to con me. You're obviously not a native NewYorker if you believe the hype that 'if it cost a lot, it's high quality.' IT IS NOT. You will be taken many times in your life. "There's one idiot born every minute"
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