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Hi everyone I just turn 21 I have a one year old...

Hi everyone I just turn 21 I have a one year old baby and I hate my body after birth I wanna ger done lipo butt lift and brest lift but I live in ny were everything is so expensive I'm looking for someone that is certified and is has great work and price help please is really I'm portant the is in the US cause I'm scare to do it out side
Welcome hun & blessings along your journey! If you have a look around RS, you'll find there are quite a few really good bbl docs. I can give you some names. These are the docs I've checked out-- Drs. Cortes, Azurin, Salama & my ultimate choice-- Dr. Schulman.
Hi love and thank you so much yes I been looking around do you were are does doctors located
You're welcome! Cortes-Houston Texas, Azurin- Coral Springs FL, Salama- Miami FL. Oh and Dr. Hughes- Los Angeles CA. You probably already know mine is in Manhattan NY. Have you went to any free consults in your area? 

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