Looking for a Good NYC Doctor That Gives Biggggggg Buttocks: Not Looking for Anything Conservative - New York

I would like a bbl but i have a hernia so i would...

i would like a bbl but i have a hernia so i would like to get this repaired while getting my bbland tummy tuck . i need a doctor in the city who knows what he is doing and gives great reults.


Have u gone to fl yet? They got some good deals with salama but in case of anything I rather be closer to home. I am actually getting lipo done but thinking of getting a bbl instead of wasting the fat lol anyways all the best.
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I actually am booked for May 2013. Long ways from now but he's booked! I really wanted to get it done this year but there was no
Availability. I am getting a bbl and he does lipo in 3 areas. I really rather had done NYC but I didn't find anyone that amazed me or that had enough reviews for me to feel confident about it.

Hi Im in NY too and I've done a lot of research and I have to go to FL to get a good doctor. From what I've read NY doctors can't compare to the others I've read about. If you did find someone of good caliber, please share! Good luck!
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