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I have been saving up money for a Butt Lift a...

I have been saving up money for a Butt Lift a while. I've saved about 4OOO. I just started saving 6 months ago so Im still in the making of saving up. I want the Butt lift but I also want to have things toned up too since excercises aren't really working for me. So, I was wondering If I could get a Tummy Tuck & then have the fat put in my buttocks in the same procedure, & how much money would it cost? Also do I have to pay the money in all or are there payment plans?

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I am unsure of the drs that will let you have a payment plan the on ly ones I know of that allowed a payment plan are dr.j in atl, and dr.s in fl.  Dr.j is up out of the range your looking for.  Dr.S price just went up a few months ago, hes now at $7800, and he lest you have a payment plan , but you have to be paid off by your date.  Try some of the drs in mexico, there prices are cheap and they are good.  Try reading some of the reviews of the doctors in mexico, one girl paid $3500, crazy right but true.  other girls on here that went to mexico have their price along with the doctor on their page, just have to look.

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Kae. Thanks! (:
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Hello Kay,

Welcome to the bbl sisterhood.  Some doctors, depending on which one you decide, do perform the bbl n tummy tuck together.  The cost also varies depending on the doctor, they all have different prices.  From what I have read about paying the doctors, the ones that I have read about on here are ok with paying what you can when you can.  Which is great and easy for most of us. 
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Kae. thanks alot. sorry Im so late, but could you give me some doctors names who would let me pay 6-8OOO or will let me have a payment plan?
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