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Hello ladies, I'm new here! I am almost 19 years...

Hello ladies, I'm new here! I am almost 19 years old weighing almost 150 lbs at 5'3. Most of my excess fat is in my stomach (I have love handles on the sides and a pooch in the front) and in my arms. I also do not have a booty at all (very long and SpongeBob-ish)!! Because of this, I've decided to get a BBL in the DR to save a couple grand. I've seen some good dr.'s who really shape and carve the hips to perfection but they somewhat lack in providing the major butt projection that I need and want. I'd really appreciate it if you ladies could recommend some doctors who provide the booty I'm looking for while giving great hip definition just so I can get a headstart on my research. Something tells me I'll be spending a lot of time here. Thanks in advance!
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Hm. I agree with the best doctors are here in the states (MIA) but if I had to choose it'll be Yily or Cabral. I would go with Cabral because Yily's work IMO is only good if you had a shape beforehand. Also there's a doctor named Bello who gave someone I know perfect projection. She's lowkey and now a bandwagon doctor like Duran or Yily.
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I'm am new to this process as well. I'm scheduled to have my procedure with Dr. Duran in the DR this month. Good luck.
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The best doctors are in Miami and from what I've seen in the site it seems New York it's really expensive for bbls so you may want to look in other states if you can afford it
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