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Botox Caused Swollen Nose and Face - New York

I got botx to prevent wrinkles..it was put in my...

I got botx to prevent wrinkles..it was put in my forehead, under brows and sides of nose...my face got swollen and nose too...i want to a homeopath he gave me a remedy botuliunum to help release the botox...also a physical therapist to help get the muscles working and did the lemonade cleanse only 2 days because i got sick...anyway this all helped to get rid of it..its # months now and much much better...I hope this helps people who are not happy with it all the best

Glad to hear you are doing better!

I haven't heard of a lemonade cleanse before. What does that entail?

It's the ultimate cleanse...It's fresh sqeezed lemons , maple syrup, cayenne pepper...looked it up online
all the best
fire dragon

I'll have to check it out. I'm usually not too good at cleanses. My tummy has too much control over the rest of my body. ;)

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