Stabbing and Hypopigmentation After Light Sheer - New Springfield, OH

This was my third treatment on my legs. It was...

This was my third treatment on my legs. It was done with the lumenis light sheer laser. I had no issues before and was even treated on my upper lip and underarms this same day. Only my shins had this reaction. At first it looked like hyper pigmentation but three weeks later after using vitamin e oil and lots of aquaphor and sun avoidance the hyper pigmentation was actually scabs that came off by themselves. I never picked! Underneath was very light skin. Cannot decipher if this is pink or white. I was in Mexico four weeks prior and must have had a residual tan and got burned. I am currently using latisse elidel amd rubbing fresh ginger on it twice a day. Wondering if anyone has had success in getting this skin back to normal. I know it will take a very long time but I want to be sure I'm doing all I can to prevent any permanence. So far I've noticed small very slightly darker wings around some spots. I take pictures regularly and will update if any progress. Attached are the current pictures.
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Those dots are crazy, did you ask the clinic where you got your treatment why this happened?
Oops! I meant to put scabbing not stabbing haha! It was actually a burn because the laser targeted the pigment in my skin and not the hair follicle. It started as a dark scab, which I thought was hyper pigmentation but weeks later peeled off revealing this. Hoping they will resolve! If anyone has had any experience with this I'd greatly appreciate it! I've read a lot about it and time seems to be the answer. I'm using ginger and latisse twice a day and also have elidel and many other creams! Kind of desperate to speed this up! Have read contrasting views on sun exposure. It has been one month and I believe the skin is still healing so I'm avoiding sun at all costs. Many people have said they had success with controlled exposure after six months of healing. Any suggestions on creams or sun exposure? I'm also taking am oral vitamin c I just started recently! Thank you for any help!
I have no advice, unfortunately, because I'm dealing with the exact same problem myself. I had laser hair removal 4 weeks ago and it was also my 3rd treatment. Now I have crescent shaped hypopigmented areas all over my shins. I'm very concerned. I'll be watching your post for progress and advice.... Good luck!

scabbing and now hypo pigmentation?

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