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Pearl Laser Not Worth It - New South Wales, Australia

I had pearl laser on some wrinkles and its...

I had pearl laser on some wrinkles and its worthless, it's a complete scam! it's good for the first couple of days then the lines just re-appear and the skin goes back to how it was before. It even says on the form that it may not produce any results at all.

People were right, it is a complete money wasting scam and dont get me started on the down time. It looks disgusting... NEVER again wish i didnt fall for it! All the other ones are meant to be money makers to... with NO RESULTS.


I am only saying what the doctor told me....but, then, he said I had shingles after the procedure. The folliculitis goes away, comes back, is crusty, itchy and red. I feel like I will never be the same, but what else can I do? I won't be on steroids the rest of my life. Has anyone heard of a doctor cutting out the places that are so bad? The one on my eyelid can't be done without surgery, but I would think the few smaller ones on my face could be cut out.
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I guess the place where I went called it the Pearl Genesis treatment. I was told mine was different from that. I don't know what happened to me, but one eye is fine and the other is awful. I am using a product from Germany called Blemish Balm by Dr. Schrammek. It has worked wonders.
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seems it's always easiest to blame the technology....

Pearl is superficial ~ 100um (sun damage, etc.) - it isn't for deep wrinkles/rhytids

Pearl Fractional (a seperate device) IS for deeper dermal imperfections ~ 1mm (depending on fluence) and works very, very well (either or both should cost significantly more than $200 though)

There is no Pearl Genesis device (though any clinic may name a procedure as such - the company does not)

you should not have to determine you are a bad candidate for nay procedure - your doctor shoujld advise this
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