If You Are a Size 4, You Will NOT Loose Size Through Liposuction!

I did it to loose size around the waist and tummy....

I did it to loose size around the waist and tummy. I was a size 4 and still am a size 4! Unless you are a big person.. bigger than size 6 or 8, this procedure is not worth spending money on. The doctor and his assistant will do anything to make you do the procedure. Including leaving you under the impression that you will loose size!

2228anon, I get where your coming from. I'm slim too but I got liposuction anyways. Being a size 4 shouldn't limit the liposuction result. There are doctors who would lipo a size 2. Your surgeon should have made it clear in regards to what he can and cannot do. I lost 5 lbs after my surgery 41 days ago--however I did lose a size. But still I too regret having the procedure. I should have exercise instead, now I have to wait 3-6 months for bruising to go away. I can't wear short sleeves cuz my arms looks horrible... bruised and lumpy.
I think this was a case where the right questions were not asked prior to the procedure and there was not enough research so therefore the expectations were high.
I am sorry you did not get the results you were expecting. I think I would have avoided a Dr that was not answering my direct questions as you said this Dr was doing to you.
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I was led to believe that I would loose size. I was a size 4 and still am a size 4!! At the time of consultation with the doctor, I was very excited about the fact that I am spending this money and I will loose at least a size! I did not hide from the doctor and his assistants, my excitement about loosing size. I kept talking about it with them. Every time the doctor responded generally about loosing size but told me he would remove 5lbs. Leading me to believe that is what I needed to loose the size. I was clearly there for one reason : loosing size. And my questions were clear but every time I did not get a straight answer. I found it strange that the doctor took pictures of my abdomen from very up close! Unfortunately, after the surgery I found out why! When I complained that I didn’t loose size. The doctor showed me my pictures which I didn’t recognized that it is my body. They certainly showed me very fat person. I argued that those pictures were taken too up close, the doctor’s response was” this is your body right?” Then he told me how he ‘only’ removed 5 lbs ! Had doctor educated me properly about how much the 5lbs would look like and how it wouldn’t be even one size, I would NOT have spent $7500 (fee and hospital) on this useless operation.

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