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I Hate my Nose Need a Nose Job Unsure of What I Need to Get Done - New Philadelphia, PA

I've hated my nose for the longest, and now that...

I've hated my nose for the longest, and now that I'm 18 I want to get a nose job. I don't know whether or not its going to end up looking small like how micheal Jackson's nose was. I want it to look as natural as possible, but because my nose is really wonky will it end up being dramatically unnatural looking? When ever I smile my nose looks like a pointed down arrow and both of the aides are uneven.


A good doctor will make it look natural and give you something that fits with your face. Just make sure you have a good idea of what results you want when you go for your consultation.
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I can't tell anything about your nose by the pics cause looking at the nose alone doesn't show if it's out of proportion. There's no other features to compare it to. A full front and side photo would be helpful, with your head not tilted... But anyway... no way would you look like Michael J. He had multiple surgeries!
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michael jackson ! definitely not ! but thr are numerous other things which have to be considered and only a surgeon can tell u what is realistic and achievable !! good luck !
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