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I had a beast lift and 325 saline implants. To be...

I had a beast lift and 325 saline implants. To be completely honest to pain & recovery was more than I ever bargained for. The first week was very hard, I had massive swelling, the discomfort and pressure was extremely painful. The second week the edge was taken off, but still very uncomfortable & exhausted. I could not go Back to work. I began massaging them constantly to help my implants descend. In my personal experience I had a lot of anxiety. By week 3 I finally began to feel like myself. I realize having the lift is what caused a lot of my pain. Having both the lift & implants done at the same time saved me money & recovery time, it was harder to recover from than I could imagine. However! Everyone is different & recovers at different time lengths. I'm just returning to work. At the end of the was completely worth it. Just wished I knew that my recovery would have taken as long as it did.

It's been 6 weeks since my procedure and Iam...

It's been 6 weeks since my procedure and Iam feeling great. Worth it in the end even know the beginning was awful.
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Ugghh..sounds awful! I'm going in April 12 for the same thing...hope it's not so bad!
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Everyone is different. You will be fine though, and the end result is completely worth it.
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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your journey on RealSelf. Sounds like the recovery was a bit rough, but worth it in the end. You're right, each person is unique but the more you have done during surgery, the potential for a longer recovery increases. Wishing we could have supported you during your recovery! Was your employer suppportive of your additional time off from work?

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I will post some picture soon. To be honest I only took a couple when I was post opp 3 days. My employer was okay with it, but I did get doctors notes for all my time I needed off! However, I had to use all my sick, vacation & personal days! Any vacations or days off will have to be approved & unpaid.
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I will cross my fingers that you don't need any sick days down the road for a while. I think it's great you were able to work surgery into your schedule and get it done. Cheers to next year's vacation in a filled out swimsuit top.  :)  Looking foward to your photos!

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