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When Will I See Results? - New Orleans, LA

I had smart lipo about 6 wks ago and don't see...

I had smart lipo about 6 wks ago and don't see any difference. I'm starting to panic that I threw my money away . . . feedback is appreciated.

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I'm not naming my physician because I'm not sure whether this is worth it yet. I haven't had a follow-up appointment yet (except to remove stitches).

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i saw immediately too
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any pics?
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Welcome to RealSelf. It's normal not to see results right away; whatever fat was removed is "replaced" by swelling in those areas, so you might even look bigger. Have you seen any change at all in six weeks, even if it's been swelling?

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I had my 12 wk follow-up & my physician is not happy with the results either. My outer thighs will be re-done and I'm going to hope for the best as far as my knees & inner thighs (b/c he doesn't want to remove more for fear of sagging skin). I'm not looking forward to going through this again as my first procedure was quite painful.
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