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Obagi Blue Peel - Just Had Done - New Orleans, LA

I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with...

I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with having this done seven years ago, I expected the worst. Normally, they put one thick layer on, and then apply another layer to another layer. I took a muscle relaxer before I went so I was a little out of it, but lets just say - I left there with the peel still on my face. Sunday morning when I took a shower there was no blue residue left on my face and I have very minimal tightening and no pain, I am really disappointed.

Although, I think my doctor is good, she did not apply the blue peel effectively and now I just paid $500 for a lunch time peel result. I have never been so disappointed in my life and have had 4 other cosmetic procedures in the past. Last time I couldn't hardly open my mouth to eat, now I can actually go running, touch my face and there is not sensitivity what so ever. Lets just say I am back at work this morning with none discomfort and my face isn't red either. A true waist of money. I think for this type of peel you need to go to someone who has been applying this sort of peel for a long time. If it hurts, its worth it.

I have also been using the NuDerm for sometime as well. I am really happy with the Obagi products - very sad with my Obagi Blue Peel though.

I'm sorry it didn't work you this time. Don't give up. Your looks, confidence and self-esteem are all worth it. You should go back to the clinic and inform them of your unhappiness with the treatment. Remember how much you really wanted this only to be dissapointed with services. They are not aware of what you don't tell them. Negotiate a new deal with them even if it's only a new procedure with a discounted price. Most Dr.s are willing to make good for a service to a loyal customer. Good luck to you and don't give up.
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