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I'm Not Sure What Needs to Be Done! - New Orleans, LA

Today I set up a consultation for February 4th. I...

Today I set up a consultation for February 4th. I want to get my surgery over Thanksgiving break of 2013 but it may have to be sooner because my boyfriend wants to go to Disney at the end of December (he is on deployment and wants to be home for my procedure). I do not like my nose but I do not know what needs to be done to get the "type" of nose I want to achieve. My friends and some family say my nose is already small and there is not much that can be done but no one is discouraging me from it either. I have the biggest nose in my family (compared to my grandma mom aunt and two sisters) I have been thinking about getting a nose job since I was 17. I told myself if I do not like my nose by the time I turn 22 I will get it done. (I am 21.5) My goal is to have a nose that looks similar to a young Diana Lang. (included a pic of what I want)


Girl, you do not need rhinoplasty! I would LOVE to have your nose. Like others have said if you absolutely can't live with it than get the surgery, but if it doesn't really bother you that much than keep your nose because I honestly don't see what is wrong with it. Good luck hope you make the best decision.
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Don't do it, you have a tiny, cute nose that most people want when they have rhinoplasty done, I don't know what imperfections you are seeing! There's nothing to fix, you are pretty and you are probably just looking for imperfections...we all do it
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Unless you're REALLY unhappy with your nose I would not do a thing. Your nose is beautiful as is. In rhinoplasty there's no such thing as perfection. You can get improvement, but unless your nose is pretty bad to begin with, you  may even end up liking it less.

If you're determined to do it, here's a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons.

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf, and please do not be hard on yourself. You're a stunning young lady!

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New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

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