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Asymmetrical Nasal Bones - Should I Trust my Primary Rhinoplasty Surgeon Again?

I am roughly 4 months after rhinoplasty. My issue...

I am roughly 4 months after rhinoplasty. My issue is my nasal bones are assymetric. I am happy with the left side of my nose, however, it appears the ascending process of maxilla (correct me if I am wrong) on the right side of my nose is slightly impressed. It does not sit correctly to the nasal bone. This leaves the right side of my face with a slight indention in that area and a rather "pointy" nose.

My doctor gave me little feedback as to what he was going to do. He is very friendly but the office really tries to manpulate you. Example: the director told me that I would not feel like the person that wants to sit in back of the room any more but rather the front.


Sometimes a second opinion helps. It may serve simply to reassure you that everything is likely to be okay, or the other surgeon may be able to advise you about how/whether to fix what you're seeing. Getting a second opinion doesn't mean you can't go back to your original surgeon and it doesn't commit you to doing anything with the second surgeon. Hope this helps, --DCP
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Is this something I should let my surgeon remedy...

Is this something I should let my surgeon remedy or would I be better advised to have a specialist take a look? Please let me know. Thanks you so much.

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