Saline Breast Implants (Under Muscle) ...pain Yrs Later????

Hi, I had saline breast implants (under muscle)...

Hi, I had saline breast implants (under muscle) placed almost 10 yrs ago. In the meantime..I have had 2 children. For the past year I have had intermittent pain in the left pain to the touch, but seems to be inside. I have seen my lumps or anything like that going on. It almost feels like the implant may be rubbing or poking my muscle (is that possible). My implants don't look as full as they once did...not sure if they may have possibly leaked abit. I was wondering if it could be capsular contraction..although my breast doesn't feel hard.

Very happy with implants at first...although I now don't love their appearance now. Didn't have much pain after surgery.

I choose to do surgery to enhance breast size.

Just wondering what may be possibly going on..and is it something i should address ASAP? p.s. a few yrs back my gyno did feel a lump (had no pain at this point), but after ultrasound and MRI they discovered it was plug?/part of implant...also saw breast cancer specialist at that time..she agreed it was part of implant. Possibly that piece is now irritating me inside??
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very easy going...gave great explanation of pros/conds of surgery. great followup

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Thank you for your kind words. wishing you the best
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Thank you for replying. That sounded so similar to what I am experiencing. I appreciate your response and if I lived closed to Boston (I am in Phoenix) I would make an appointment ofr a consultaiton with you. Best regards,
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Did you ever get relief from this problem?
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hello You need to be fully evaluated by a cometent plastic surgeon. To reach a diagnosis you may need an MRI. Once we have the diagnosis then a plan of treatment can be discussed with you. if the edge of the implant is the cause. then removal of implant and replacement will resolve your problem
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From your description it sounds that the saline implant is leaking and now you are feeling the edge of the implant. The edge of the implant could be folding and irritating the breast causing the pain. If I am right in my remote distance diagnosis, then you need surgery to remove the implants and possible capsulectomy and replace the implants. Again by Saline or silicone depending on your choice and the tissue thickness.
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