I Have a New Life Thanks to my Gastric Bypass (video)

Weighing 22 stone (308lb) at 5'7" and...

Weighing 22 stone (308lb) at 5'7" and having diabetes, injecting insulin 4 times a day the future looked very bleak. I was then thrown a lifeline by my GP who referred me for a gastric bypass.

I had to jump through many hoops and eventually had surgery 18 months later. I have not looked back since. I am one year post surgery and have lost eight and a half stone (119lb) and feel fabulous. I have energy, confidence and more importantly a future.

My before-and-after video slideshow:

Dr. V. Jain

He is excellent and caring and has never lost a patient.

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So happy for your success. I also have Diebetes and am scheduled for RNY in January. I am hopeful that this will help (if not reverse) my diebetes. I also have a host of other endocrine issues. My question is, did you reverse your diebetes and get off all your meds? Thanks.

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You're looking good and I can tell you're also feeling good. You've done well and should be proud of yourself. Keep it up!

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We reference this post in our blog, thank you for the inspiration

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You look great.
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I just wanted to say you look so happy now and your doing a great job. I am looking into having surgery and I am really worried about everything. I have two children who are 7 and 2 right now and Im worried that if I do this surgery I wont be the same. If there is any information or if you could answer some of my questions that would be great. But anyways bless you, your doing a great job and Im so happy for you and your new life.
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I am very happy for you......you look wonderful too!
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