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Velashape Not Worth It - 8 Treatments for Cellulite and Circumferential Reduction

I had 8 treatments, 40 minutes duration each...

I had 8 treatments, 40 minutes duration each session, once per week for 8 wks to treat the back of my upper legs (hamstring area) My physician was excellent and definitely performed the treatments correctly. Some minor pain occasionally, but no burning and no bruising---more like a warm, deep massage.

I am 5'5" and 120 pounds with some cellulite, but not too, too bad. After 8 treatments, there was no change in my cellulite at all and just a very minor cicumferential reduction. My before and after pics were pretty much identical :(

I honestly just don't think Velashape is an effective procedure for cellulite. The only thing that is going to really get rid of cellulite is when they come out with a procedure that weakens those tight fibrous bands of connective tissue that are causing the fat to bulge through and that lumpy appearance. Until then, I would recommend exercise, drinking plenty of water, a good diet and massage with a cellulite cream containing caffeine. Pass on the Velashape.

Shana007, You hit it right on the head, the perfect cellulite reduction product would be able to loosen those tight fibrous bands of connective tissue. I totally agree with you there, but I say we take it a bit further. The product should not only loosen the fibrous connective tissue, but it should also work to reorganize and tighten our collegen layers so they return to the tightly stacked layers we all once had at one time during our lives. For that to happen the product has to be capable of taking on all the non-conforming larger than we want them to be fat cell bullies, somehow shrink them down to size so our collegen can have the upper hand in ruling the neatly layered roost along side their obscure ity-bity fat cell neighbors. In addition to your post I did read a number of other posts talking about how unimpressed most have been with both Vela.... products. One theme I continued to notice regarding both Vela..... treatments was how most commented on the pain they experienced. After reading that and all the other negative posts I knew neither Vela.... product was going to work for me. I want a product that does all the above, but does it all painlessly. So our product has to do everything above such that the patient does not experience pain. And to top off this great product let's design the product in such a way that the treatment actually feels like a warm massage! All that seems too good to be true, but like you I was dying to find a product to help me get rid of my post child birth loose midsection and the cellulite that graced my presence as I turned 35. Well, I listed all that above to hopefully have you wishing that a product like that with all those capabilities actually does exist. I am so happy to say it does and its name is Accent XL and I believe the company that designed and sells it is called Alma Lasers. I received my treatments up in the Boston area, but I am sure you would have no problem finding a Dr or medical spa in your area that has one. I have not been excited about a product the way I am excited about Accent. I went for 6 treatments and right from treatment #1 I knew I was going to enjoy each.and every treatment. Their spinning roller handpiece knocked me out every visit, it felt absolutely phenominal! Yes, having a treatment like this feel like a massage was great and all, but I wasn't there for a massage, I was there to see the kind of results that warrants my handing over what my husband said pointed out could have been a new flatscreen TV for his man cave. Well, by my 3rd treatment the TV jokes stopped as did the amount of time he spent in his cave! Go find this product! I do not work for the company or receive anything for writing posts like this. I just want all my sisters to know about it because sooner or later we all could use some help with fighting the cellulite war. If you want to see it in action I would check out their website and click on "The Doctors" logo. They did a segment and you can see the clip that made me immediately use Alma's physician/ medical spa finder tool. Hope you give it a try and experience the same results as I have! Best of Luck!
Hello I just received my first velashape treatment today. At first I was extremely nervous as I have researched and read all the negative comments. To tell you about me, I am in my late 30's, african-american, I weigh around 135, exercise every other day, drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet and still I have some cellulite on the back of my thighs and the front, closer to my knee area. I also have stretchmark on my stomach and thighs thanks to my wonderful two children. I knew that this is not the laser for stretchmarks, so I decided to work with the cellulite first, and then do the affirm laser, unless someone has better recommendations. Anyway I went to my consultation, they actually gave me a serious consultation, reviewing skin and all (something they did not do at the Laser Centers). I was very comfortable with them and they answered all questions. So she started the treatment and yes it does get really hot, if you can't take hot temperatures you wont be able to handle this, I did not have a problem, it felt like a really hot massage. I guess I have a high tolerance for pain and heat because it did not bother me. Afterwards, I looked at the back of my thighs and either it's me, or I can definitely see that the cellulite has been reduced, but I have five more treatments to go so I will keep everyone posted.
There is NO magic treatment technique or lotion to help with these issues of cellulite. ONLT a temporary improvement. Beware of a waste of time and $'s From MIAMI
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