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don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Jersey, NJ

COMPLETE waste of money. It did absolutely...

COMPLETE waste of money. It did absolutely nothing!!! I'm in good shape and follow a reasonably healthy diet--I just needed a little "help" in the mid-section area. Almost $2,000 down the drain. I followed all of the instructions--drank the recommended amount of water during the treatments--but nothing. Total (VERY EXPENSIVE) hoax. Save your money.
New Jersey Dermatologist

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I also went to Dr. Harkaway, spent $1900 and had no results. This does not work at all. Dr. Harkaway is more concerned about income than her patients. She never even checked on me during the whole process. The practice is a joke. Vanquish is not worth it. Put your money towards lipo or something that works.
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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Did you get any explanation as to why the procedure didn't work on you from your doctor
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