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Been thinking of getting this procedure done for a...

Been thinking of getting this procedure done for a while now. I'm 32 years old and have lost over 45 pounds with healthy dieting and exercise. I have come to terms this flabby belly will not be going away on its own! So I have considered plan B...lol I have two aunts that have had successful results with their surgeries. So I feel a little less sceptical about the whole thing. I'm hoping to find more information and hear about personal experiences from others to keep me motivated. Thank you kindly for your support oxox to all !

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If this is what you want to do? Follow your dreams. I was 42 years old when I had my tummy tuck. Excercise didn't do a thing for my stomach. I didn't have any muscles in that area to tighten my stomach. I dont regret getting it done cause the results is amazing. I love, love my stomach. I'm planning to have lipo done on my upper stomach in the summer. Keep the faith! :)
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It's great that you have aunts that have been through it to support you! Good luck on your journey!
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Welcome to the community and congratulations on the weight loss.  

The only way to rid yourself of the skin is a tummy tuck.  The darn muffin will not go away with exercise alone:(

Looking forward to following your journey.

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