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Two years ago when I turned 17 and hit 265 lb., I...

Two years ago when I turned 17 and hit 265 lb., I knew that I needed to change the way I looked I dropped 107 lb. which was 14 inches in my waist and 14 pants sizes. What I never expected was my flabby excess skin that looked like I at a donut whole and it went to my belly button and the jelly oozed out to a flap below my belly button.

I a so ready for surgery to finally out the skin and the weight behind me. Oh I'm a guy so it looks even weirder when I take my shirt off and I have boobs and a funky stomach. May 23 is the day I've been waiting for for a long time. Wish me Luck!

@ a127d - we've created a new section for male tummy tuck discussions.  Hence, your post is now found here.  Thank you for your past contributions and I know that thousands of men welcome updates and new information.

How did it go? Nice to hear from a guy!
Am really hoping everything. Went great. For ok.
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