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stay clear of dysport - New Jersey

I decided to try try dysport to eliminate some...

I decided to try try dysport to eliminate some nagging (and, in retrospect, insignificant) lines around my eyes. On day 9, I went to watch a dance performance. I was trying to focus on the stage and couldn't quite make out the faces of the dancers. I thought it was allergies. At home, I noticed that things that are normally clear to me seemed blurry. The clincher occurred the following morning. I got in my car to drive to work and the cars were fuzzy, I felt dizzy and realized i was seeing the images in front of me in duplicate.

I went to see my eye doctor. I had every test in the book, including an MRI. All normal.

Conclusion: Dysport!

Although my doctor said "no way" and then changed his opinion to "maybe, could happen but never has he seen it" and ultimately, "sorry" I am saddened that it was not made clear to me that this side effect was a possibility. Yes, I should have done my homework and maybe I would have chosen not to inject poison into my face but I was enamored with the thought of looking younger and fresher (I am 51).

Conclusion: NEVER AGAIN.

Advise: Do your homework weigh benefits against risks. Take into consideration even the most remote side effects.

P.S. I don't necessarily blame my doctor. My doctor, a plastic surgeon, performed my reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. He was wonderful. I blame the DYSPORT and ultimately I blame myself!


Exactly, what did your doctor & any prior warnings were brought to your attention, before having dysport? There are many wonderful doctors that do not release the factual truths of serious side effects of what they are infact responsable to letting their patients to be aware of. I agree, always do your homework when putting your life in the hands of someone or thing. Did you ever hear of the FDA 5/2009 black box warning that was issued for Dysport for the doctors to officially use? Well, Doctors are infact responsable for also sharing this information of possible serious side effects. I happened to have been an early user of dysports black box release because I had injections in 12/09. I also did my prior research & THEN literally found nothing about Fda black box with bad serious side effects. However, by law my doctor should have known & given me some indication of what it was capable of doing. Not to mention that the 16 kids with the spasdic dysplasia & already of over 250 reports from people having serious life threatening side effects. I'm wondering if there really is Justice because I sufferred horribly. Why was I NOT made aware from the media through my research or from my doctor of such possability that this safe product/poison could hurt my eyes, lungs, body, mind & whole life. I react in a dramatic way because I'm so angry. Not at myself, but the doctor & honesty about her credentials. She emphasizes coupon specials. Yet in 2009 failed to warn me of risks, etc. Its so wrong. As I started filing complaints everywhere since 2010, it appears that then the media is opening up to reveal the early Fda approval. I found that info when I was looking for a lawyer. The Google engine directed me to a lawyer (Fitz) in Texas. Which revealed a lot. By that time I was running out of time in my state with a 2 yr. Statute of limitations. I was being rejected for one reason or another. Also told to not give up because I had a legit case on 3 counts. I would have to seek out of state though. I still can't tear whatsoever & really need to. Anyway, you can read what I've gone through. Many people do soley trust & believe their doctors while not researching prior to decision making. I especially was cautious because I never liked botox. Its botulism poisoning. Yet, when dysport started the 2009 new beauty trend, as I said from day one that I could not find anything negative about it. I think my anger & experience has been heard. No fun & I'm low key. The permanent damage to my body & life is beyond words. The humility too is so dark which I'm really trying to live again, as I'm going back to college..Again.
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Additionally, its great that your doctor is exceptional. Everyone has their own experience. I have every legit right & reason for blame to my doctor. Our date of injuries appears to be different for your own personal knowledge w/ research for finding harmful side effects & talking to your doctor about such serious side effects. Has everyone on this site researched after 2010 & what did you find? I can only assume that because there was a 7 month lapse of the FDA release, is why I didn't read anything bad about it, until several months after damage was done & then seeking a lawyer.

It is really great that you have kept such a balanced perspective, and aren't trying to shift blame. Good for you for taking responsibility for your own choices!! That is really admirable!

I'm sorry to hear you had such a poor experience with Dysport.

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My doctor has always been wonderful, caring, and professional. He even tried to talk me out of cosmetic procedures.

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