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Planning Mommy Makeover - New Jersey

After my second child (two girls!), my body just...

After my second child (two girls!), my body just isn't what it used to be. I try to work out atleast 3 times a week, but the results just aren't there. I started researching surgery options and came across this forum and am so glad I did! I have my first consult coming up and hopefully I'll be able to pick a surgery date. I'm looking to get a mommy makeover and possibly a butt lift..depending on the cost and approximate time I'll be off my feet. I'm looking forward to sharing my story and hearing from others!

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It's exciting isn't it??? I picked my surgeon not having surgery until Oct 29th! I wish it was sooner!!looking forward to hearing about your journey!
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Hey slimshan79! Congrats on your decision to join one of the best forums! The ladies on this site are just what one needs to help give you support on your transformation journey. Keep us posted and best of luck!
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Good luck! Which doc are you consulting?
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Good luck girlie
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So what procedures are you looking at? And for MOST of us exercising is a great thing and should be done... But will NEVER get us back to pre baby ... ( gosh I had actually forgot what I looked like) So keep up the good work, and keep US posted!!
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I'm so glad you found us! do you have a time frame you're aiming for to have surgery?

Working out three times a week is hard to fit in with kids, and hasn't really done much for me either (though I'm sure it's great for the heart).

Please let us know how your first consultation goes!

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