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Larissa,17 Years Old and I Want to Get a Rhinoplasty - New Jersey

Im 17 years old and im willing to work many months...

Im 17 years old and im willing to work many months to pay for my rhinoplasty but i need to know more if i can pay in installments or get loans ,im so tired of looking at the mirror and not like what i see ,i have a really low self esteem bc of it and i dnt wanna go to college like this ,please help


Seriously think this over. Wait until you are a bit older. Being a teenage is hard and everyone has low self esteem for so much of those years. Your nose is better than what many look like post-op. You are truly lucky. I would give ANYTHING for a nose like yours, and I am totally serious. Start by talking to a therapist and see if your self esteem issues are coming from inside instead of the outside. You are so young to be making such a big change to yourself, and to be honest, I think you'd look weird with a nose thats any smaller. You are perfect the way you are!!!
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Wow! You look way younger than 17 and your nose is perfect. You look like a doll!
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Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! You're a beautiful young lady with a cute nose. And I mean that. If you do, now or in the future, decide to go for rhinoplasty, choose your doctor very carefully. Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations (it's best to go on at least three). And many doctors do have payment options, but you generally need to have some credit in your name first (or a co-signer) and you may not at this age? You can always ask when you call for your appointments what the doctor offers and what is required. Good luck!
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