32 Yrs Old, Had 3 C-sections. - New Jersey, NJ

I did my 1st treatment today on my lower abdomen...

I did my 1st treatment today on my lower abdomen did two treatment, one hour on each side. (Total of 2 hours) I'm on the heavier side 5'5 weighing 205. I didn't do this procedure to try to lose weight at all. After 3 C-section my lower abdomen just doesn't seem to go away even when I was thinner. They call it "Mother's Apron". It's fat that always have me in a depress mood because I can look decent in a pair of jeans or yoga pants but there's these two fat lumps So I was introduced to this device at work. Figured why not give it try. The procedure itself was tolerable so far. A little burning sensation the first 15 mins then it just goes numb. I was done with the procedure at 4pm it's now 9pm and so far I feel ok. A little bloated and a cramping feeling. But nothing major as of yet. Hoping this is a good start of my coolsculpting journey. Will post more as I go. Crossing my fingers I don't experience the same pain that have read here.


Update on results? Inches lost?
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Hang in there! The wait is so worth it. And the results are permanant!
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good luck to you, I am sure results will soon appear. After my birth (natural) I also want to try coolsculpting, but still breastfeeding my 9 mo baby (during night). Do you still breastfeed? I am curios if any effects for the baby, as I do not want to risk anythoing. Thank you so much
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