Anybody Know Any Good Surgeons in the New Jersey or New York Area? - New Jersey, NJ

Hey everyone!!! Ive been having alot of trouble...

Hey everyone!!!
Ive been having alot of trouble finding doctors that perform butt implants in Nj and Ny (sigh maybe this is a sign) Now im not a stranger to cosmetic surgery Ive had a couple of procedures done this year, and of course i went to my surgeon first and asked about the implants, he would not do it for me because of all the complications that is associated with it. I went to a couple other surgeons and again got declined due to me being skinny, and they believed implants arent a good choice for a skinny girl,, and the one doctor that would do it,, his gallery of former patients was disappointing,, does anybody know any trusted doctors, currently have implants, or want implants so we can exchange advice,, im really nervous about this procedure since ive been hear alot of negative things..:(((((((((((((

Hello, no I am still trying to find someone in NYC who does the surgery who does not charge a bundle.
Gurl if your looking for a good implant job your paying more then 10gs...thats the only thing that sucks abt getting implants its super expensive and there are only a handful of doctors that actually do the procedure due to the high infection rate..
Hey.... Im actually thinking of implants I found a Dr. Senderoff in Manhattan, hes very clinical but his patient coordinator is extremely helpful.... ask away when you see her.
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