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I have been contemplating for over a year and a...

I have been contemplating for over a year and a half of getting a bbl. I really need a tt and ba as well but for now I would get one procedure at a time. Don't want to overwhelm my body nor my results. My last pregnancy I've gained 75lbs. I use to weigh 135lbs, now I'm 160lbs with a lot of loose fat.
I'm looking into going with Dr.carmen dimario, located in Philadelphia but I cant stop looking at durans results on instagram.
I have not seen a lot of dimario reviews. Is there anyone who got work done by this doctor?
I'm going to get a free consultation by the end of this month and also with duran.

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Good luck on your Ps interviews. I hope you find the one for you! :) Happy Hunting. Are you going to post b4 pics?
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Good luck. How tall are you?
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Thanks, 5'3". Trying to upload my pictures, having trouble.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!]

Good luck with your consultations. I hope they go well and please do keep us updated with your progress! Here's a link to all of the content that we have for Dr. Dimario. Hopefully some of it will prove useful for you.
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