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Lipo on Arms, Banana Roll, and Lower Tummy

Hi, I recently had this procedure preformed on...

Hi, I recently had this procedure preformed on Wednesday, November 25, 2009. I am bloated went in weighing nearly 140lbs and am ranging now between 152-156lbs, I am swollen in my arms, hands, ankles feet, face, still ossing from one arm, and feel horrible.

Is it normal to have this much water weight? Is there a proper diet plan to follow after lipo? Please help--i am swollen and not enjoying life -as I am swollen, bruised, and constipated.


it gets better trust me!
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when does one start to see results? anyone know odf a place to buy garments...I want to start back at the gym but need a back up garment for arms and tummy/banana roll area because I am supposed to live in it 24hrs a day. thanks :)
swelling can last for a while sometimes even a year. i would lay off of salty food because they will cause u to swell up more
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