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Was Anyone else EXTREMELY Anxious While Waiting to Receive Their Aligners? - New Jersey

So...I was fitted for my aligners last Thursday...

So...I was fitted for my aligners last Thursday (2/11/11). I'm so excited and anxious that it's pretty much consuming my thoughts. Well..that's a little exaggerated, but it is on my a bit more than I'd like.

Anyway..Can someone tell me what Clincheck is and when does it actually take place? My Ortho did tell me that we will be able to see some kind of digital images as to how my teeth will look in the end, but he didn't use the term "clincheck". I'm a little confused :o(

Hello All. I finally have my trays! 15 uppers and...

Hello All. I finally have my trays! 15 uppers and 10 lowers. Yesterday was my first day and it wasn't bad at all. However, I did take a tylenol pm right before bed...just in case. Today I'm noticing my gums and tongue are a little irritated but not as much as I expected. The worst thing so far is taking these bad boys out and putting them in! Uuggh.

Anyway...That's my update. Hope all of you are well.

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I am also anxious about the trays ooming in. However, some of the horror stories on this website about over filing have me a little nervous as well. Im definitely going to bring that up to my Ortho to make sure that doesnt happen. I dont care about the discomfort, im prepared for that. Im not prepared for overfiled teeth that cause permanent gaps or different sized teeth....

Im hoping those were just a few unfortunate cases and I definitely feel their pain...
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Hi Wnygirl,

I'm also a bit concerned about some of the horror stories I see on this site and others. Hopefully, our experience will be better. Good luck on your journey to a more beautiful smile.
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Hi Christina,

Welcome to RealSelf! I think Clincheck is the digital imaging software they use to map out your treatment and how/when your teeth will move. Some people have mentioned not getting to view theirs, so you may need to ask to see it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your response. I will keep you guys updated. This website is AWESOME!
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