DO NOT Recommend - Extremely Dangerous in Careless Hands.

Plain and simple this treament has real risks that...

Plain and simple this treament has real risks that can kill you. I had Fraxel surgery in 2007 and shortly after fell VERY ill for almost a year afterward with an infection that became systemic and almost killed me. I would have sued the doctor but they cover themselves by having you fill out pages of legal documents. I received no pain medication and only a simple antibiotic cream that was applied after the procedure along with bandage. Totally ridiculous considering the trama I endured. I should have been given Morphine - yeah it was that bad. I didn't ask what setting the Fraxel was set at but it must have been the highest possible.

They claim the heal time is 2 weeks which is another scam. Try 6 months. This was the most traumatic experience of my life. A simple procedure turned into a complete nightmare that left real damage that I will probably never fully correct. Luckily I did not do this on my entire face, just a small portion that is still a problem.

Today I am self treating the area myself with much cheaper at-home methods. Slower but I'd rather have to be slow that a one time nightmare that will put you worse off. I won't trust another doctor EVER again. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't go near that doctor or the Fraxel or any type of laser. Extremely dangerous in careless hands. And the cost? Totally outrageous.

Obviously, I do not recommend this procedure at all. If you want blistering pain, disgusting oozing for a few days followed by a crusting scabbing nightmare, and a possible brain infection - go ahead and do this procedure. I cannot believe this is even legal.

I had Fraxel done by Dr. Rapaport about 4 yrs ago and this doctor ruined my face. Now I need surgery to correct his mistake at my expense. Everyday I look in the mirror and can't escape the horror he did to me. I never ever wanted surgery, I wanted to only have anything but, and now I have no choice and it's for repair, not an natural choice. FRAXEL IS DANGEROUS IN THE WRONG HANDS!!! Know better- check, search the doctors name with malpratice, sued after it and also state’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct. There is a lot of info to research and available these days. When you know better, you do better! STAY AWAY FROM THIS DOCTOR!!!
Sorry, but your response is callous because you have apparently not done your research on these devices, nor how doctors treat those who are harmed. I don't think any doctor sets out to harm a patient, it would be foolish. But when it does happen, they universally disavow and deny even when faced with the obvious. After all, they have a $50,000-$150,000 piece of medical equipment that they must pay for somehow, some way.

You should really read more or research more. My guess is you are not a patient but a person who either uses these devices or is in some way connected with them, so you make these type of callous statements. This story is only one of 100s on RS talking about one cosmetic medical device disaster or another and the damage it has caused. Some of the top docs and even inventors of some these devices have harmed patients, so in the best of hands they can be dangerous. If these doctors do not know how to choose the best patient or use the correct settings, then who will?

Take some time, do more reading and educate yourself better on what these devices and the doctors who use them have done to more people than you likely would care to know about.
assumptions are the worst thing someone can do. i'm sorry you went through such horrible consequences. But to be quite frank and realistic.. doctors are NOT gods...they do not have mystical powers to heal and cure, they are only tools, who do their best. A doctor does not go through practically 12 years of school after high school, to sit there and throw it away at one patient. I am sure precautions must have been taken (or like chapi says, possibility of contamination is likely). doctors do not "trick you" to save them selves by making you sign legal documents. It is exactly for this reason, the process exists...some people just love to blame and do not gather enough knowledge to understand situations.Its hard to practice defensive medicine, to sit and know you cant just take care of someone, because here in america, they are likely to sue for any stupid reason, leaving the MDs to practice in a different way. the laser is not a magic wand, that u wave n gives u good skin, it states clearly in the brochures u get from it, how it works- it is therefore common sense that should follow.

Yes it is extremely dangerous in the wrong is after all a laser. The price we pay for beauty, is something that exists BEFORE we undertake the procedure than just suddenly AFTER...... I am quite sure this person's personal hygiene played almost a huge part in the infective process. It is possible they used a strong setting, and it caused blisters, but those heal too..the only way bacteria can infiltrate someone is through exposure..and generally, if noticed right away and taken care of- they are treated quite easily with antibiotics. It must have been ignored, not handled appropriately to have gotten 'that' bad. ---- i dont know this doctor, and have no idea who it is, I am a medical student, who has undergone the procedure, and i can promise, becoming a doctor is the hardest task someone can undertake in there life, to basically sign your life away and all relationships and activities, to sit and read and study all day- to simply help other not easy. I know some doc's get old n slow n not up to date with their knowledge...but again everyone is a HUMAN. not a GOD. What I can say, through my medical experiences is that, infections are never spontaneous! they start from somewhere-- and they get THAT bad, because of a reason, someone didnt clean, or someone ignored themselves...... And to anyone who wants to use fraxel.....all you need to make sure is, the place u go is WELLLLLL experienced! a sterile environment!!! and that YOU , as a person and patient , go home, clean and take care of yourself.... and you will be fine.... In terms of getting dramatic results, who knows.. but in terms of 'life threatening anything'-- your ok if u just stay clean and be wise enough to seek attention at the FIRST sign of trouble. Most people do not get such bad infections because they have strong immune systems...for a person to deteriorate so suddenly would indicate a level of immunocompromised states--( an underlying illness, causing them to be susceptible to new infections)..which is NOT most people. Anyway, hopefully this can clear silly assumptions and let ppl actually think thoroughly without being biased.
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