Upper/lower Eyelift and Ptosis Correction.. Why Continued Assymetry? (53 Y/o Male)

I"m 53 male and had upper/lower eyelid...

I"m 53 male and had upper/lower eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. I also had a ptosis corrected in the right eye and a mild ptosis in the left eye untouched.

I'm very uncomfortable because my right eye is now open much wider than my left. The dr says that my left is still swollen and it should open up but I can't see it opening to the degree of the right. I would like a professional opinion. Thanks

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Not sure if end result is near. He says he stands by his work though.

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If you are only 3 weeks post op and still swollen you need to wait it out. You should continue to have close follow up with your doctor. Once the swelling improves you will be able to better assess the symmetry.
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I thought the same thing a few weeks after my eye surgery....one eye more open than the other...as otheers have stated WAIT it WILL EVEN OUT 3 months after my surgery i look GREAT!!!
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i have the same issue with the left eye smaller than the right. i am almost at six weeks and worried. don't want to be impatient but the doctor never discussed this possibility. It is horrible to have everyone looking at your eyes and seeing the difference in size. I take some consolation in your blog because I am hoping that I will see an improvement as you did...
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I actually had to have a second surgery on the wider eye about 2 months later. I'm happy to say my eye was reset to a lower positon and I have great symmetry today.
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