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extreme botox headache- ice pack recovery method - New Jersey

The 3rd day after botox treatment (5 injections .....

The 3rd day after botox treatment (5 injections ...21 units) between the brow, i experienced extreme head pain that went from forehead- temples across to back of head as well as TMJ. I took several advil.... nothing worked. The pain was so severe i couldnt function. It sometimes felt like a "Tingling " of the nerves. It seemed to move around my head as described in other reviews.

I called the doctor and he said:"HE NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE". He prescribed some pain killer and muscle relaxer but at this point i wasnt about to pump any more chemicals in my body and was anxious to get this botox chemical out as quick as possible to relieve my "EXTREME HEAD PAIN".I applied hot compresses which did absolutely nothing so i wouldnt recommend this at all.

On the 8th day of extreme head pain, i turned to a chiropractor who gave me a cranial massage for 30 minutes and told me to apply ice ( i used a frozen bag of peas which worked great and conformed to my head perfectly. Each application was for no more than 20 minutes. The very first application of ice took down the swelling and i felt immediate relief. the relief was so great that i applied the ice every hour for 20 minutes.

By the 2nd day of a single cranial massage and tons of ice applications i was relieved of my pain completely. Its been a few days since and i havent had any more side affects.

Hope this helps.


Hi hatebotox,

Welcome to the Botox community. Wow, you have dealt with some stuff. I'm really glad though you were able to find relief. How's everything going today? Aside from the head pain did you at least have the physical results you had wanted from the Botox? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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dont go to a GP

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