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Disappointing. Lumpy Legs One Year Later :( - New Jersey, NY

I really wanted to get Cellulaze because I was so...

I really wanted to get Cellulaze because I was so self-conscious about my cellulite. It was only moderate, but it was something that had always bothered me. When I found out about the procedure, I was thrilled that there was a doctor in my town who could do it. I got it done, was not too happy about the pain when they have to use the lidocaine under the skin with fluid, but the pain for recovery wasn't too bad - just soreness that was gone in a few days. The doctor told me the sooner I returned to normal activity (I exercice about 5x per week) the faster and better it would heal, so I was able to run and work out about 3 days after the procedure.

The following months, I did not really notice any difference, but that was ok. I figured, as long as it wasn't any worse, it was worth it.

About the 4 month mark, I started getting a weird, loose skin lump on my left leg. The doctor said it was probably leftover fluid, and advised me to massage the area daily and have a Smooth Shapes treatment series done.

Went through 8 sessions of Smooth Shapes, zero improvement.

Six month mark comes, and the lump was obvious and almost like a saggy bag in my skin. Not hard, not like something was in it, just a a weird lumpy area. Doctor kept insisting it was fluid and would go away.

One year later, and now I am undergoing the procedure again. I am so disappointed that I cry about it. Cellulaze was something I got done because I was self conscious, and now I am just mortified. I HATE my legs, and am worried that the touch up next week will just make it worse. The weird saggy part is starting to happen in my other leg too. I'm going to have her just touch up the left leg, and hopefully that will fix the problem, before I do both legs.

Anyone else experience anything like this?? She had never heard of it happening, and was contacting Cynosure often to get advice from the company. No one could give advice. Guess I am just lucky... erm, lol.

I am nervous about next week for the touch up, because I don't want anything to get worse. But I am really hoping it will get better...........

I will get my photos from the doctor when I go in, and will post. Any advice would be helpful!!!! : (


I am sorry this happened to you. I have heard a lot of cases with Cellulaze. About 60% of the people say it was not helpful and only about 30-40% seem satisfied. I am looking for cellulite treatments but I guess I should keep looking!
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Thanks for sharing your experience.  I am curious to know if you will see improvements...I have never read or heard of the saggy bags you describe before. Everyone does react differently to every procedure and I appreciate you sharing as it helps others who may have this procedure done. Good luck and please do keep us posted :)

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Went to get my second treatment after one year yesterday - she decided not to do cellulaze again because my skin didn't necessarily need the tightening and cutting. I ended up getting some fat sucked out in more of a traditional lipo treatment. I am soooo bruised, much more than when I got the cellulaze done last year, and my weird lump is really swollen. I so hope that goes away as I heal because that was the whole point in getting something else done to my leg! As of right now, the day after the procedure, the area is bigger than before and very dark purple with bruising.

The doctor said that my left leg lump had about a teaspoon of fat trapped in it that she sucked out, and my right leg had had a lot of scar tissue that she broke up.

We will see..... It so better work this time because having lidocaine injections is the worst! I don't think I can go through a third.


awww sorry to hear about your not so great experience with this new technique...i know exactly what you going through as i underwent lipo to improve my body instead got a ton of cellulite and saggy uneven skin i fight with every day....how are you feeling now?
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Thanks for the update, keep us posted and take good care :)
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Don't lose hope and hang in there. I understand what you mean by the procedure being painful and uncomfortable to undergo and the recovery is very unpleasant. I don't understand why it takes so long for bruising and soreness to go away. I'm wondering if maybe you would want to wait to exercise. Most doctors here recommend waiting for at least two weeks. This actually may help you. Let your legs rest and recover. This is of course just my opinion and I could be wrong. I waited 3 weeks before I went back to jogging and resistance training. This was my first "cosmetic procedure" (felt more like cosmetic Surgery) and I don't want to do anything like this again. I will love myself for things I can't change and work hard to change what I can. I hope your problems will be resolved this time around. Seems like your doctor is very knowledgable so that's good :) keep us updated on your recovery :)
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