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Help Droopy Crepey Eyelids - New Jersey

I'm 34 and have been getting botox done for a...

I'm 34 and have been getting botox done for a few years. My recent Dr. is pretty conservative. However, my eyelids have gotten so so saggy and crepey the past few months and i'm scared its from the botox. I dont get it done in the eyebrow / forehead area that much. I guess the normal amount but my eyelids have both sagged and are considerably crepey. Could this be from botox? or am i just aging quickly?

I would like to find more dr's in NJ to help me.

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HI mamp,

Thanks for the Botox review. Hmm, I haven't heard of this from other community members. Other members have mentioned they have had new wrinkles form, not not crepey skin. Have you gotten Botox from the same doctor over the years or is this a different doctor? Please keep us updated if you go back and talk to your doctor or if things progress. 



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